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We where collecting money to build our Village Hull extension. But on the end we decided for the same money to demolish our old building and to build a new timber frame building with Liskandas company. At thirst, many lorries turned to our village, delivering timber panels and other material, team of erectors where joining panels...the result on the end really pleased us. We even had a great party together with Liskandas team, who left great memories for our community. Today, after seven years we are still pleased with a building, every weekend we organize parties, shows and games.

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Timber Frame Construction


Timber frame construction is the most popular method of building in the developed world.

With timber frame construction the load-bearing structure of a building is made of engineered timber panels, instead of a steel frame or concrete block work. It’s a faster, more cost effective and considerably more sustainable building method. More and more builders, architects and developers in all sectors are turning to the unique advantages of timber frame.


 Timber frame brings plenty of practical advantages. It is easier to achieve better quality of construction by making panels in the factory. Also work is much more efficient and creates less waste on the site. It’s easier to control construction process and construction can continue through cold and inclement weather. It’s also easier to work on design in quality controlled factory environment. Prefabricated timber frame provides excellent thermal efficiency, with lifetime savings in energy cost and also an extremely environmentally friendly way to build.

As the construction industry strives to create environmentally-friendly buildings, with an increased use of sustainable materials, timber frame construction is an obvious choice. Whatever the nature of your project, timber frame offers design flexibility. Throughout the world, it’s the preferred choice for any type of building: residential buildings, schools, hotels, commercial projects, leisure facilities.  When timber frames used in conjunction with other build methods and materials (glass, steel), construction is making a significant contribution to modern architecture.

Timber frame is easy to customize, alter and extend. Panels are manufactured off-site and quickly constructed to keep disruption to a minimum.

Timber frame offers limitless design options, as well as a huge range of external finishes and claddings. And since external cladding is not loadbearing, materials can be selected on the basis of aesthetics and performance in the local environment. Timber frame also allows for the easy installation of services - saving time and money for your project.