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Why Timber Frame is Becoming the Most Popular Method of Building?


  • Successfully replacing steel frame or concrete block work. It’s a faster, more cost effective, and considerably more sustainable building method.
  • Practical advantage – making panels in a factory. It is easier to achieve better quality of construction. Work is much more efficient and creates less waste on the site. Works can continue through cold and inclement weather. It’s also easier to work on design.
  • Provides excellent thermal efficiency.   Lifetime savings in energy cost.
  • Easily can be used with other build methods and materials. When timber frames used in conjunction with other build methods and materials (glass, steel), construction is making a significant contribution to modern architecture.
  • Limitless design options and huge range of external finishes and claddings. Materials can be selected on the basis of aesthetics and performance in the local environment.


About timber frame houses

Timber, as a construction material isn't a product of a research lab. It’s been designed by nature and been adapted by people in almost every country in the world. It’s a building material developed over thousands of years.


Timber construction is very durable. There are many examples of timber buildings that are more than a thousand years old. Trends may come and go, but the appeal and advantages of timber construction have remained constant. It’s a part of architectural culture for many countries - shows associations of craftsmanship and quality. In terms of performance and design, it also meets demand of the future too.


Today over 70% of population of the developed world lives in timber frame housing. This includes North America, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. On account of being sustainable and the ability of timber frame buildings to provide reduced heat loss characteristics, timber frame is commonly used as a preferred building method for residential houses, schools, sports halls, hotels, offices, health care facilities, and flats.


Method of Timber Frame Construction


The most common method of timber frame construction used today is ‘'platform timber frame’', comprises walls of closely centered studs with top and bottom rails, together with wood-based sheathing boards provided for whole building rigidity, is also a well proven and established form of construction for many types of buildings. Houses where are built by this method in XVII century, but started being used widely in XX. When you choose a timber frame construction, you are continuing that history.


Modern Construction Timber Frame Building


Today the platform frame building method generally adopts factory-built frames which are assembled on site in large sections, thereby, minimising the amount of connections which need to be made on site.

Modern timber frames are engineered to the highest level of accuracy and quality. It’s relatively lightweight, but remarkably strong and durable. And having been sourced from renewable forests, it’s truly sustainable.