Our values

  • Bespoke design

    Every building we build has a unique design. Our competitive price and spared time to the project helps our client to build affordable but unique, one-off building. Client enjoys living in its own designed house, and being unique also increases value of the property.

  • Speed

    Our timber frame building system in panels requires fewer on-site labor days and ensures a significantly faster construction period overall. This means a faster return on investment, reduced disruption to local communities, and tidier, safer sites.

  • Sustainability

    Timber frame is widely accepted as one of the most sustainable construction methods available. Wood from sustainably managed forests is naturally renewable. As well as reducing the embodied CO2 of a building by its substitution for more energy intensive materials, it also delivers good thermal performance in use, and is ideally suited for off-site construction, the best solution for accuracy, efficiency, air-tightness and low waste. 

  • Ecology

    If You care about the environment You live in, if You treasure Yours and Your family‘s health and if You want to live in harmony with nature, timber framed house is perfect for You. We not only use eco-friendly materials but also take into consideration other important factors that create a safe living environment for You and treasure the natural resources. Timber is an organic, non-toxic and naturally renewable building material.

  • Economy

    Our timber frame as a cost solution is not about meters of timber and number of panels. We will be able to design a scheme that minimizes Your time on site, maximizes the value in Your land and keep waste to an absolute minimum with factory precise, engineered solutions.

  • Flexibility

    Our advantage is ability to adapt to different countries building regulations, different style of buildings and we are based in strategically good geographical area. We specialise in self build, public sector, cultural buildings, large complex housing and holiday homes. All our projects are carried out to the highest standards and professional finishes.