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UAB “Liskandas" built for me a warm and beautiful house – come and see it yourselves.

Vytas D.

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Your Wishes and Ideas


 At this stage your house project is a broad, clean canvas on which you planning to create your dream home. This is an exciting but also difficult time to decide what type of building, materials and which company to chose to realize your dream.


If timber frame building is something new for you we recommend to reed some information about it to get the idea what is this about. Even if you don’t have understanding about building and haven’t chosen a building expert who will guide you through the all project, it is still worth contacting us.



You can start communicating with us by putting your dream home on sheet of paper by simply drawing it with pencil and sending it to us. We will start our talk regarding the size of the building, type of roof, type of insulation, type of outside and inside cladding.We will introduce you with our building process and provide you with samples of houses we built in past or we could build. Just to remind, all houses we build are one-off buildings, so drawings will have to be eventually created by your architect, provided by you.

By the end of this stage you will know what type of building you would wish to build and you would know a very approximate price. You will also know how to organize your project, what architect, building expert to choose or maybe you will feel confident to run the all project yourself. Also we will be able to recommend our known specialists in your area. Most importantly you will start turning your ideas in to reality. This stage of planning is no time limited and free of charge.