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UAB “Liskandas" built for me a warm and beautiful house – come and see it yourselves.

Vytas D.

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In the Price will be Included:

  •  Outside finish, full heat insulation, partial interior finish, roof, windows, and doorsAlso in price can be included stairs, wood deco and other wood products. In price will be included required erectors works on site.  

Price Estimate

This part of the process is about discussing all the project details before signing the contract. You would send more accurate drawings of the house so our project manager would be able to provide you with estimate price.

Drawings don’t have to be made especially for timber frame buildings, it can also be made for traditional masonry building as well. More precise measurements are important this time, so we could calculate the price.

With set price according to drawings we also send you information in detail about what type of material we are planning to use and what will be included in the price. By looking at the received information you with your adviser can decide what material you want to alter or add and we will provide the other price calculation. This stage of planning is no time limited and free of charge.

Building Costs


Building cost is one of the most important questions in house building projects. We believe that we can make project affordable for many self builders even if client will chose to go with his local best architect to create unique, one-off building. Affordable doesn’t mean bad quality - our team is experienced and skilful, our timber is good quality – grown slowly in seasonal cold Northern Europe climate and we have a blend of experience, passion and time tested constructing knowledge.

When we talk about price, the most worrying for the client is: will the project go over the budget (as very often happens with traditionally built masonry buildings)? Our project manager will provide you information in detail about what we will require in the project and for what you are paying. In contract provided will be written in detail what material is included in the price. Once the contract is signed, the price will not change, unless you will decide to go for more expensive material.

To avoid the risk going over the budget you will have to make right calculations for other services, not provided by us, such as electricity, pluming, foundation and etc. 

In the Price will not be Included:

  • Transportation. We don’t include transportation in the price because the price of transportation depends on distance and country where the building will be built and we leave the option for client to find Transport Company himself. But we are always ready to offer time tested transport companies we normally use. For three bedroom house you will need about three trucks to deliver panels. How many trucks you will need always says in the contract and project manager can always provide information about transportation prices to your area.
  • Electrics, pluming, foundation and any other concrete works. Our company’s philosophy is to concentrate in what we do best – work with wood, and to leave other jobs such as electrics, pluming, concrete works for other specialists. We can ashore that our team of erectors will be skilful carpenters, but the other jobs we will leave to organise by self builder, project manager, or other person responsible for all project. This person will have to make shore that foundation has been laid on time and according to requirements, electricians and plumbers would be in time on site.
  • Crane expenses. Project developer would have to provide the crane on site. Normally for 3 bedroom house to build we would need crane for two-three days (it would be written in price estimate by our project manager).
  • Accommodation for erectors team.  Project developer would have to provide accommodation for team of our erectors - carpenters (three or four people). Our project manager would provide dates how long workers would stay. 

All this and other questions would be discussed in detail before signing the contract.