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We where collecting money to build our Village Hull extension. But on the end we decided for the same money to demolish our old building and to build a new timber frame building with Liskandas company. At thirst, many lorries turned to our village, delivering timber panels and other material, team of erectors where joining panels...the result on the end really pleased us. We even had a great party together with Liskandas team, who left great memories for our community. Today, after seven years we are still pleased with a building, every weekend we organize parties, shows and games.

Wooton comunity

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  • Timber frame is easy to customize, alter and extend. Our panels are manufactured off-site and than quickly constructed on site. This type of timber frame building offers limitless design options, as well as a huge range of external finishes and claddings. Benefits of this type of building system are countless - reduce the building cost, increases flexibility, precision and speed.

Preparation Works


In our factory based in Lithuania we manufacture house elements. An element is a wall unit of the house prefabricated on the basis of wood framework. It consists of include weatherboards, wind insulation, thermal insulation, ventilation and inside finishing materials (wood chipboard + gypsum board or lining board). We also prepare materials for the building such as inside walls, ceiling, trusses, windows, doors and other to reduce work on building site.

Very often in conjunction with timber framed wall, roof and floor elements we use Glue Laminated timber. This engineered wood product offers huge potential to deliver large and often complex structures.


To manufacture average size house takes about one month. This process starts by putting your house into auto-cad drawings to start manufacturing process. During this time our project manager will look after manufacturing process, organize other material needed for construction and will be able to provide all information you require.