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At first we planed that our extension will be good for keeping garden tools and place to have a cup of tea in a warm summer day... but once it was built, we soon decided that it will be perfect place to have guests, celebrate Christmas and family diner parties. We are more than pleased with Liskandas team work.


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  • Manufactured set of walls for average size house is transported to the place of construction and is mounted on the foundation within approximately three days. Than our team starts other jobs – windows and doors fitting, insulation fitting, gypsum plate fitting and other jobs agreed on contract. The time depends on size of the jobs. 

Building on Site



Erecting panel timber frame building is as important as all manufacturing process. Our team of erectors-carpenters will put frames together according to drawings and make sure that the structure is air tight, insulation and other material is fitted properly. The life time of the building depends a lot on the actual erecting process; therefore we make sure that our teams are made of experienced erectors.


Erecting process starts on planed date. We have to make shore that all panels will be loaded, trucks and team of erectors will arrive on time, and the client has to make shore that all is prepared for erecting process: foundation, accommodation for our team of erectors, crane is scheduled on time, electricians, plumbers and other specialists are ready to be on site than required, otherwise it could delay the process.