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They do their job in a careful and responsible manner. We have made a warm and cosy home in the house built by this company.

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  • We are inspired by our clients, and by asking lots of questions, we learn about you, your preferences and tastes, as well as your timetable.
  • We rely on your answers to tailor our process and product to create a custom solution for your needs.
  • We bring our flexibility and experience to stand with you, offering guidance, action and answers where needed to ensure that the building process goes smoothly.

Building Process

 Our timber frame construction is a simple and efficient option of building a house. 

Frame houses are manufactured from prepared wall panels with inner and outer finishing. Detailed drawings are done for each wall segment before starting the manufacturing process.


For exterior wall segments outer finishing, wind isolation, insulation is used, as well as holes for ventilation, windows and doors (with rims) are cut during the manufacturing process. Interior wall segments can be manufactured with inner finishing on client‘s request.


The manufactured set is then transported to the building site and is assembled on the foundation averagely in three days. Easy assembly and quick mounting of windows and doors considerably speeds up the building of the house which allows fully avoid rainfall effect on the quality of the constructions.

The manufacturing time of a factory prepared timber frame house takes only about one month and the whole building process - no longer than one seasonA well built timber frame house can serve for more than one hundred years.