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We where collecting money to build our Village Hull extension. But on the end we decided for the same money to demolish our old building and to build a new timber frame building with Liskandas company. At thirst, many lorries turned to our village, delivering timber panels and other material, team of erectors where joining panels...the result on the end really pleased us. We even had a great party together with Liskandas team, who left great memories for our community. Today, after seven years we are still pleased with a building, every weekend we organize parties, shows and games.

Wooton comunity

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  • All buildings we build according to individual design.
  • Our projects vary from large buildings to small garden offices.
  • Together with our client we discuss all available options in relation to construction, insulation and design details.

Liskandas Timber Frame Houses



Timber framed houses can be in different shapes and in different outside or inside cladding. Each country, each region has different culture, traditions and every person has a different opinion what is ’’nice’’, and we understand and value that. All our buildings we build according to individual design.


Residential houses we build, vary from classic to modern style, from economical to grand design projects. We take on board large projects: village halls, hotels, blocks of flats, schools and sport centers. And we are also capable of manufacturing interesting, personal design small size houses: garden offices, tree houses, camping houses and etc.

Through long time working experience we noticed forming our four types of buildings. But in general we don't classify our houses and use this classification for guidance only. All questions in relation to construction, insulation and design are discussed with a client, our construction engineer and project manager.

Our building types:

  • Garden line is the most simple construction type we can offer to our client.  This type of construction is normally used for camping houses, tree houses and garden offices. 
  •  Holiday line is for summer houses, holiday homes. This type of building can by easily used as a residential home in warmer climate countries.
  • Living line is for residential living. In such a house will be warm and comfortable to live even in cold winter in Northern Europe countries.

Passive line. If you are searching for economical solution we offer You a construction for passive house. We also welcome energy saving ideas from You and happy to adapt it in our construction.