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We where collecting money to build our Village Hull extension. But on the end we decided for the same money to demolish our old building and to build a new timber frame building with Liskandas company. At thirst, many lorries turned to our village, delivering timber panels and other material, team of erectors where joining panels...the result on the end really pleased us. We even had a great party together with Liskandas team, who left great memories for our community. Today, after seven years we are still pleased with a building, every weekend we organize parties, shows and games.

Wooton comunity

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We are happy to cooperate with:

  •  selfbuilders, who are interested in building a timber frame house and project managing all project themselves;
  • building developers, who are ready to work in house projects together. We can supply our factory production or send our carpenters team to erect it on site and do all the carpentry works too;
  • architects, designers, who have some interesting ideas. We have a lot of experience building unusual timber frame buildings and ready to take your challenge;
  • building material suppliers, who are able to provide us with something practical and reliable, what would improve our products.

About Us

We are Norwegian - Lithuanian timber framed house manufacturing company based in Lithuania. We manufacture houses according to Scandinavian technology using state of the art machinery. Our buildings are made resistant to extreme Scandinavian climate, where temperature in summer goes up to +30 C (95 F) and in winter it drops below -40 C (-40 F).

 We build wood framed houses according to traditional building techniques updating modern materials which are rapidly changing with today’s demand for quality. Our company has grown and today we have projects for building framed houses all around Europe: mainly in Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, Italy, Iceland, and Baltic countries. Our house building technique expanded to suite different climate and different traditions. The beauty of our work is that we exchange building traditions in different countries and try to achieve the best solution to build a house, suitable to our client.